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Give Your Skin the Much Needed Natural Look with Organic Cosmetics

In this modern world, pollution has made our lives miserable. Air and water pollution has given birth to so many diseases including skin diseases. Our skin is also suffering from sun burns due to thinning of ozone layer and increase in the temperature. Every day, our skin fights against so many problems including stress, chemicals, food impurities etc. This affects the skin badly. It makes it appear dull, pale, rough and unclear. There are lots of cosmetics in the market that can help you to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. But you should be aware of the fact that most of the available cosmetics in the market have dangerous mercury and other toxic ingredients that can damage your skin to a great extent.

If you want to lead a life with glowing skin, opt for 100% natural mineral makeup. In other words, the only solution to your skin care is the use of organic cosmetics. These are beauty products made from pure natural ingredients that offer a perfectly balanced, moisturized, glowing and unbelievable clear skin. This natural mineral makeup is made from plant extracts only or from substances derived from natural sources, so you are assured that the products will be gentle on the skin. It minimizes so many allergies and it is apt for all types of skin, even for those with extra sensitive skin. It will not only treat your skin but also nourish your skin.

If you are a girl or woman, you can use natural lip gloss, blush and other cosmetics to tone up your skin for parties. It will not only enhance your beauty but also take care of your skin. There are so many benefits of using organic cosmetics. Just like commercially produced cosmetics, it comes in a wide range of colors to suit your taste and personality. This natural makeup is affordable and can be purchased by all kinds of buyers. Whether you have a big budget or in the mood for some splurge, you will surely be able to find one fine product that suits you. Lastly, organic makeup is truly skin friendly.

As it is made from natural ingredients, it is beneficial to your skin in more ways than one. Studies have even shown that people who have used natural cosmetics have good quality skin in comparison to people who use commercial cosmetic products. There is Ferro cosmetics which is a good natural product. This natural mineral makeup has very little to no allergies and it is immensely beneficial for your skin. And most importantly, it helps the environment in a big way as it is not made with toxic materials. The next time you use cosmetics, think about natural cosmetics as it can give your skin a new lease of life.

The author is a famous beauty expert who shares his ideas and information on organic cosmetics and Ferro Cosmetics with customers.

Pure Jasmine Oil Absolute Perfume – All Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oil ~ Bridal Perfume
natural cosmetics
Image by Naomi King
All natural pure Jasmine Oil Absolute ~ Perfume ~ Aromatherapy Essential Oils ~ No Additives, Alcohol, Fillers or Chemicals ~ Pure and Organic

* Use as a natural perfume.
* Add a few drops to moisturizing creams daily for face and body.
* Add a few drops to pure bottled water and use as a daily facial toner and astringent.
* Use a few drops in bath water for a luxurious beauty treatment.
* Excellent for meditation and massage therapy ~ calming and soothing.
* NOTE ~ For External Use Only.

Beneficial for cleansing and refreshing dry, sensitive skin. Useful for all skin types. Keeps skin looking clean and fresh. Rich in natural polyphenols ~ for youthful radiance and beautiful skin. Protects skin from cell damage, increases circulation promoting healthy radiant skin. Nourishes the skin and helps it to retain moisture. It has natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent properties. Jasmine will cleanse the skin of impurities. It also will help to balance oily, sensitive skin, and nourish dry skin.

Jasmine is particularly effective as a sedative, anti-depressant, and aphrodisiac. When the active ingredients are picked up by the olfactory nerves, and trigger a reaction with brain waves, they sooth the nerves, balance emotions, and encourage confidence and a positive outlook. As an aromatic, jasmine essential oil will restore positive energy.

Jasmine is unique among most aromatherapy oils. The evocative and divine nature of jasmine delivers tangible benefits in aromatherapy, cosmetic and aesthetic applications. Soothing and balancing a fragrance every woman loves . It is an aroma and beauty secret that has endured for the centuries and will never go out of style. Each bottle has been selected for notes of both medium and light fragrance, mixed and bottled by the designer. This is an affordable luxury that I take pride in bringing to my customers to enjoy in Health Love and Beauty.

Size: 7mm Bottle
Also available in Rose, Jasmine/Rose and Lily of the Valley
This makes an excellent gift for any occasion. Extremely popular for Brides and Bridesmaids gifts.


Organic Cosmetics: Why Should You Use Them?

You hear a lot about organic cosmetics these days. This type of makeup is really becoming quite popular, but if you aren’t sure what all the hype is about, it’s easy to dismiss this as just another trendy, like glittery lip gloss or blue eyeshadow. However, these new types of cosmetics are here to stay, and for good reason.

What Are Organic Cosmetics?

Most makeup has chemicals and assorted non-organic ingredients to create the effects wanted. Unfortunately, these aren’t the best for your skin and some people even find that they are allergic to the ingredients in mainstream cosmetics.

When the ingredients are natural and organic, this basically means that you are getting the purest of ingredients to apply to your face. No chemicals are included, Nature’s own ingredients are used to work with the skin and provide that healthy glow as well as actually making your skin healthier.

The Benefits

Did you know that your skin actually absorbs much of what you put on it? Those chemicals that are used in regular cosmetics are passing through your skin into your bloodstream, even in small amounts. While this might not cause any immediate effects, you still have to wonder what will happen in the long term. Organic cosmetics are worth using, if only for the peace of mind you’ll have!

Some further benefits of these 100% natural cosmetics include the following:

– Fewer allergies. Most people are sensitive to at least a couple of chemicals and these can actually get worse with extended use. Makeup with natural ingredients tends not to trigger allergies, though there are a few people who may still be sensitive to some natural ingredients.

– Healthier skin. Avoid clogging up your pores with aluminum based products, instead use natural makeup to promote healthier skin.

– Better health in general. What you may not be aware of is that often the ingredients used in natural cosmetics actually have other health benefits.

For example, certain herbs hold aromatic properties to stimulate your sense, while others are absorbed through the skin and can actually make you feel better.

– No more clogged pores. These types of facial products tend to be lighter and easier on the skin. This means no more clogged pores and fewer pimples.

– Repair damaged skin. If you’ve suffered from sun damage or even rashes and outbreaks from using chemical-based cosmetics, then going 100% organic is an excellent idea. The natural materials contained in these products will help repair that damage and create smooth, new skin.

– Less is more. The fact is that organic cosmetics tend to be more concentrated, which means you really use less to get the same effect. It equals better coverage without plastering the makeup on, too.

You’ll find that with organic cosmetics, you can enjoy great looks without worrying about what you’re putting on your skin. There will be fewer zits and outbreaks simply because your makeup won’t be clogging your pores like before and the natural ingredients will help your skin stay healthy and glowing, even when you’re bare faced!

While these products may be slightly higher in price than regular, chemical-ridden ones, the benefits are many and since you can use less to get the same effect, it’s really worth the cost. Not to mention, you’ll have fewer skin problems that need to be treated, meaning you will have fewer products to purchase, which is also a major area of savings. 100% organic is the way to go when you want to look good, without lasting effects and guilt.

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Super Bown XLIV – New Orleans Saints Colors Closeup
natural cosmetics
Image by kuuipo1207
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium Plus
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium (highlighting)
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium Deep (contouring)
MAC Mineralize Blush – Nuance

MUFE Flash Colors – 004 Gold
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Big Island
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – 24K Gold
Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil – Black
MUFE Flash Colors – 010 White
MUFE Flash Colors – 011 Black

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Black
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Big Island
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – 24K Gold
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Satin Sheets
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Cloud 9
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Handforged
Loreal Voluminous Mascara – Carbon Black
Ardell Brow Defining Palette – Medium

MAC Plushglass – Posh It Up


Ideal organic cosmetics for a healthy skin and body

These days we see a lot of people shift over to natural makeup brands over the ones which they have been using earlier. This is primarily because of the many side effects it is said to have caused either them or someone they know. Allergy is one form of problem that people have when they use make up which is made from petrochemicals and synthetic components. This is why organic cosmetics stand out as they do not have any serious side effects at the same time protect your skin and give it the beauty that you require as well. Problems involving cosmetics made from petrochemicals and synthetic components have had long term effects on the skin and the body of the person who uses it.

There are many companies which sell organic makeup cosmetics which in fact work better than the standard cosmetics that you are used to. Not only do they complement your looks but also ensure that you do not have any negative side effects which are caused using them. Organic cosmetics are easier to find both on the internet and otherwise. One has to look for the certified seal of NPA and BDIH standards which are said to be very strict and do not allow any sort of material that is unnatural and can cause skin problems among the many other problems they are capable of having.

Organic makeup cosmetics are some of the widely sold cosmetic products these days as people are starting to get the awareness of their advantages it has of using over a period of time. Now we can even see popular brands starting to introduce natural and organic cosmetics. Although they are priced a little higher, one should not compromise on choosing other options versus these organic and natural cosmetics. The NPA and BDIH standards and seal are the ones you would have to look out for when choosing organic and natural cosmetics that you can wear on a daily basis.

This can keep the skin healthy for longer periods when compared to the chemical equivalents of these items. Even make up artists and dermatologists suggest the use of cosmetics that are natural and organic. This clearly gives us the indication on what is safe to use on our skin and what is not. Meeting up with the international standards of BDIH and NPA can be quite a task as they do not allow even the smallest quantities of petrochemicals or synthetic components on the products which are to be certified as natural and organic.

A person having questions about these products and cosmetics can use the internet to surf and understand better about the advantages of using natural and organic cosmetics on their body. Almost all the make up accessories that one would require is available with natural ingredients that people can choose from. This helps them to live a healthy lifestyle without putting their skin and body under the jeopardy of using chemical based cosmetics. Choosing wisely can help you stay younger and fitter on the longer run which can be done with organic and natural cosmetics.

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1963 Cosmetics Ad, Angel Face Compact Make-up
natural cosmetics
Image by classic_film
Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Pond’s Angel Face Compact Make-up, 1963

"The look is fresh… natural… utterly heavenly. So put on your Angel Face."

Published in Ingenue magazine, November 1963, Vol. 5 No. 11

Fair use/no known copyright. If you use this photo, please provide attribution credit; not for commercial use (see Creative Commons license)


Organic Cosmetics: The New Cosmetic Revolution

Organic Cosmetics: The New Cosmetic Revolution
Most women might feel very incomplete without their kits of make-ups and cosmetics. Many of them might not even come out of the house without applying some powder and creams to their faces and bodies. True, cosmetics are used and worn by many people for enhancement and beautification. As a matter of fact, the usage of make-ups has been long recorded in history–with Egyptians being the first users around 3000 BC ago. Back then, make-ups were just simple coloring in the eyes derived from various plants and substances. In the present times, it is still the same, just that, more materials are now used and the applying became more sophisticated. Of course, not only do cosmetics generally beautify a person’s body, they also help in recovering scars and small skin distortions. Even after all these, cosmetics also build confidence in a person’s life. With the ongoing demands of cosmetics for professional, personal and protection purposes, synthetic and natural products have been manufactured. The question of which of the two is more effective and reliable is still highly debatable. Organic Cosmetics, however, are still more preferred to use by many men and women alike.
What are Organic Cosmetics?
Organic Cosmetics are just simply cosmetics that are solely made from plant or natural materials, or compounds that include minerals. This type of cosmetics is that which is not exposed or involved with the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These products, however, still contain toxins and carcinogens that are found in the plants per se. They are very dangerous for the skin just like the chemical-produced cosmetics. Some minerals also include a high level of toxins which may harm the body when applied. Therefore, it is much recommended to check organic cosmetics if they contain such substances by verifying at the list of ingredients used. Organic Cosmetics can effectively work when one is certain that there is little to no traces of Carcinogens and toxins.
Why choose Organic Cosmetics over Synthetic ones?
Choosing Organic Cosmetics over Synthetic ones is still highly recommended simply because organic products are entirely natural. Since they are natural, we can always assure ourselves that no synthetic or artificial chemicals and materials are employed in producing the cosmetics. With this nature, Organic Cosmetics do not pose any destruction to the skin and body. In fact, they are even more effective since they are naturally and safely involved in the skins’ abilities to display fair whiteness and youthful look by influencing its normal rejuvenating process.
Some people say that synthetic products are far more effective, however, they are more dangerous than the natural ones and this is a proven fact. Artificial cosmetics make use of chemicals and laboratory experimentations which are not safe most of the time. Such cosmetics may give a desirable look for a span of time, however, perilous side effects may take place soon enough. Organic cosmetics are imperatively more safe and beneficial to the person’s skin and health than artificial ones.
Cosmetics is important for all people and industries, however, the type of cosmetics used will still play a vital role in a person’s life. It is then very recommended to choose Organic Cosmetics which will ensure a lasting, securing and reliable beautification.
Afterglow Cosmetics

Afterglow Cosmetics

1965 Cosmetics Ad, Cover Girl Make-up by Noxzema, with Lovely International Cover Girl Lotte Dessau
natural cosmetics
Image by classic_film
Vintage 1960s magazine advertisement, Cover Girl Medicated Make-up by Noxzema, with cover girl Lotte Dessau, 1965

Ad text:
"International cover girl, Lotte Dessau. As photographed by Jorn Freddie for the famous Danish fashion magainze, MADAME, Lotte says: ‘In my country, the natural looks is a must. Now I find it’s so easy to have with new Cover Girl Make-up.’"

Published in Look magazine, November 30, 1965, Vol. 29, No. 24

Fair use/no known copyright. If you use this photo, please provide attribution credit; not for commercial use (see Creative Commons license).

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Natural and Organic Cosmetics Are Perfect For Your Skin

Our environment has most often been neglected by the people for many reasons. For making use of chemicals, for ruthlessly spoiling the environment, we have spent a lot of years. But today is the time to make up for whatever harm we have done to our environment and also to make up to our body for a healthy future. It is good to be aware of the products that we use and consume on our bodies. Natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics are the best suited cosmetics for all the skin types and the fact that they don’t contain any chemicals acts as a spicing on the cake. People prefer buying products which they can be sure of and trust blindly without any hassles. Organic cosmetics are products are being used all over the world despite the fact that they are a little expensive but who minds paying a little extra for an assurance which can also be termed as skin insurance.

As a matter of fact, the industry of natural cosmetics is on a high rise as compared to the traditional cosmetics industry with as much as five times higher momentum. Basically there are two main reasons for such a bloom seen in the organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics industry, one is the understanding of the people towards the importance of incorporating eco friendly products in our lives and the other is the awakening of the consumers towards the chemicals present in the traditional cosmetics with synthetic ingredients and their despise of such products. Another reason which can be considered responsible for the sudden boom in the natural cosmetics industry is the rising popularity of the organic food in the past few years which is actually enabling a healthier lifestyle with products like organic food, organic clothes, organic furniture and organic cosmetics.

Many cosmetic brands are incorporating these natural and organic cosmetics into their lines and shops. People prefer to buy natural products as compared to the synthetic ones especially because of the fact that they can cause many skin ailments in the future. These days, there is work being done to devise guidelines for the stipulating what constitutes a natural product. There used to be a certification program earlier during the year which used to give certificates to the products which used to meet certain requirements. These days many big names and brands are snapping up organic brands just for the simple reason of the money these natural products are making.

There are so many benefits of these natural and organic cosmetics, no wonder people wish to use them despite the fact that they cost a little extra. Many traditional cosmetics promote allergies to the users or skin infections and rashes but these organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics are completely allergy free products. Thus they add a glow to the skin and provide healthier skin. The traditional cosmetics contain aluminum particles which tend to clog the pores of the skin whereas these natural cosmetics act as exfoliating agents and cleanse the pores of the skin.

Visit NaturalLabs.co.uk for natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics.

MUFE Pink & Black Tied Smoky Eye Closeup
natural cosmetics
Image by kuuipo1207
Makeup Forever High Definition Primer
MAC Select Cover-up Colour Corrector – Peach
MAC Select Cover-up Colour Corrector – Green
MAC Mineralize Natural Skinfinish – Medium Plus
MAC Sculpting Powder – Sculpt
MAC Mineralize Blush – Nuance

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow – #303 (inner corner)
Makeup Forever Blush Powder (eyeshadow) – #2 (middle and outer corner)
Makeup Forever Star Powder – #951 (over MUFE #2)
MAC eyeshadow – Black Tied (outer corner)
MAC eyeshadow – Petalescent (highlight)
MAC eye kohl – Smolder (lashlines & waterlines)
Maybelline Colossal mascara – Glam Black
MAC Eyeshadow – Espresso (brows)

MAC Lipliner – Spice
MAC Plushglass – Fullfilled


Are Organic and Natural Cosmetics Really As Good As They Claim?

Organic and natural cosmetics usage is on the rise. As these products become big business, it is important for consumers to protect themselves against false product labeling. That is why it is essential to have a third-party certify that a product is indeed an organic or natural cosmetic product.

Natural or Organic?
In the United States, a product that claims to be a natural cosmetics product does not have to go through any government testing to put the word “natural” on their packaging. Even most chemicals can be traced back to their natural roots, so technically the term “natural” can apply to just about anything! This term has become a marketing tool to sell more seemingly natural cosmetics to unsuspecting consumers.

In order to use the term “organic” on labeling in the US, however, there are strict government regulations that must be followed. Most importantly, an organic cosmetic company must prove that the majority of its ingredients have been grown and processed according to strict, government-controlled, organic agricultural standards. Depending on whether they claim to have 100% organic, organic or “made with organic ingredients” an organic cosmetics company’s products can contain varying degrees of organic ingredients.

There are multiple regulatory agencies that can determine if a cosmetic company can call themselves “organic.” The most stringent organic cosmetics regulations actually come from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA.) Organic cosmetics that feature the USDA label on their products meet the strict ingredients and processing criteria in accordance with the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Unfortunately, it costs money to become certified organic, so many small organic cosmetic and soap companies choose to forego the pricey government certification and opt for the term “natural” to sell their products. In the end, this only serves to hurt their reputation and confuse the consumer.

Higher Standards in Europe

It is extremely important to note that European countries such as France and Germany as well as other countries like Australia already hold their natural and organic cosmetics to an even higher standard than the United States.

In Germany, for instance, only natural cosmetics companies who have proven to adhere to the strict BDIH guidelines are able to put their seal on their packaging. These guidelines ban petroleum-based, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients. They also require packaging to be ecologically conscious and prohibit any animal testing among other rules. These guidelines only apply to natural cosmetics companies, not organic ones.

The Future Of Certification

Recently, some strides have been made to hold companies responsible for mislabeling their organic and natural cosmetics when they contained non-organic and petrochemical materials. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) publicly attacked popular companies such as Jason’s Pure Natural, Kiss My Face and Nature’s Gate Organics for using known carcinogens in their products.

Unfortunately, the landscape of certified and natural cosmetics in the United States is only going to get more uncertain in the months to come as certification agencies, industry groups and retailers implement their own regulations.

However, with the Natural Products Association launching its bid to tighten regulations in the US on natural products with what amounts to a near reflection of BDIH guidelines, there is hope for the future provided these tougher rules are adopted and supported broadly by the natural personal care products industry and its leaders such as Lavera, Dr. Bronner’s and Dr Hauschka.

At least for now though there is USDA and BDIH for the European-produced brands. No products certified by either body earned any black marks from the OCA.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information on Natural
, visit http://www.lavera.com.

mac cosmetics and ben nye self portrait in natural light.
natural cosmetics
Image by pumpkincat210
Eyes: overcast s/s, a bluer blue e/s, with a twist e/s, nightbird e/s, phloof! e/s, Ben Nye amethyst, Ben Nye Cherry Red
cheeks: msf shooting star
lips: Sandy B l/s, mouthwatering l/g

Should you buy natural cosmetics? The Makeup Doctor

Smitha called me on Skype and she wanted to know what natural cosmetics to buy. I am not a big fan of natural cosmetics therefore in this online consultation I will tell you why. We will also be discussing how to apply eyeshadow on deep set eyes and how to contour a heart shaped face.

Hope these makeup consultations will help you understand the difference between real life makeup and what you see on Youtube. I find it so interesting how confused girls are nowadays because of Youtube. I feel like years ago, women were far more confident regarding how they did their makeup. This is why I think it is better to listen to a professional when it comes to your looks. I mean, watch the makeup tutorials online however you like and experiment however you like, but when it comes to technical stuff, turn to someone who applied makeup on at least 1000 women.

If you like my ideas, feel free to call me on Skype (jurecuk) and we’ll do an online consultation for all the Chickabellas to learn from it.

Don’t be fools, don’t follow makeup rules!
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