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Benefits of Using Natural Skin Care Products

Today, a lot of people have started using natural skin care products as compared to traditional cosmetics, which contain chemicals in them. The changing preferences of people for naturally made products that are safe and effective on the skin has forced many cosmetic brands to manufacture such natural skin care products. One of the main reasons why people wish to avoid using traditional cosmetics is the side effects that come with these kind of cosmetics, which have high chances of causing more damage to the skin.

These cosmetics may not work on every skin type and people with sensitive skin may be prone to more allergies and skin irritations. Besides, the vast amount of toxins and chemicals in these cosmetics can eventually cause harm to your skin in the long run. Thus, more number of people today prefer using natural products, which are free from chemicals. Most of these natural skin care products are made using natural substances found in nature. These contain powerful healing properties that can be used to treat various skin related problems like acne scars, pigmentation, age spots among others. These products are mainly derived from plant extracts, which are safe and far more effective than the chemical based cosmetics.

Besides, they have the ability to penetrate into the skin and help in skin repair and reduce the extent of damage caused to the skin. These natural skin care products are most suitable for people who have sensitive skin and looking out for safe skin treatment options to cure their problems. The effects of using these natural skin care products are long lasting and they are made using superior quality ingredients. These products are gentle on the skin and offer greater protection while healing them effectively at the same time.

Most of the chemical based cosmetics can prove to be harmful to the skin as there are greater chances of these creams getting absorbed into the skin. As a result of this, they can lead to acne breakouts, skin allergies and other kinds of skin related problems. On the other hand, natural products can be used safely on the skin, as they do not cause any side effects on the skin even after penetrating deep into the skin. It is always better to use natural skin care products, which provide maximum benefits to your skin with good results.

Though some of these products can prove to be a bit expensive, it is worth investing in them to get long lasting effects. If you have any skin related issues, you can consider using natural skin care products, which can provide you with good relief and help you in dealing with this condition effectively. You can even search for some good natural and homemade remedies on the Internet and use these recipes for making your own natural products.

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চা বীজ
natural cosmetics
Image by mskarim বশীর
Tea seed
Actual Size 7-9mm
Camellia Seed Oil
Over the last few years, there has been an increase of tea seed oil being used in western cuisines especially in countries like UK, Germany, US and Canada.

Tea seed oil is obtained principally from Camellia oleifera, which grows widely in 17 provinces of South-China. This camellia fruit is a dry capsule divided into 1-5 compartments, each containing 1-8 seeds.

Camellia Seed

Camellia Seed Oil or Tea seed oil should not be confused with tea tree oil or melaleuca oil, which is a native essential oil found in Australia for its medicinal application.

This oil is the main cooking oil in southern provinces of China, about one seventh of the entire China population. It enjoys similar characteristics with Olive oil with its high mono unsaturated fats contents (75-85%). In addition, it is high in vitamin E, polyphenol and other trace minerals, zero cholesterol, trans fat, omega 3,6 and 9.

It is frequently used in salad dressing, marinades, for sautéing, stir fry, dips, steam and deep fry.

It’s rich heritage is dated back 2300 years ago during the Song Dynasty where the tea seed oil is used as royal gourmet cuisine for the Royal family only. It’s health properties was recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica and ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine journals for the following benefits :

1. lower cholesterol
2. natural disinfectant
3. improve immunity system
4. cleanse colon
5. improve complexion, promote hair growth
6. heal scar marks
7. relieve heatiness
8. reduce constipation problem

Tea seed oil is nearly odourless, pale yellow in colour with light viscosity and light nutty taste. It has a long shelf life of 18 months and should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Camellia seed oil is also a common base ingredient in many shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturiser, as a carrier oil in aromatherapy products, massage oil,etc.

In Japanese, Tsubaki means camellia and it is a traditional culture to use its tea seed oil for skin, scalp and hair care.

With the rising awareness of Health and natural ingredients and organic food and cosmetics heating up, more consumers are switching to plant based ,natural and environmental friendly products.

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Buy Natural Cosmetics To Achieve Particular Benefits

When one wants to look their best with make up they may want to buy natural cosmetics. These are things that come from nature and should not normally negatively affect the skin of people. Many have been around for a very long time and are noted for their beautifying ingredients. These are derived from items such as roots, leaves, and fruits. One can find them in colorings, shampoos, and creams that help give a person a fresh sparkling appearance.

Some governmental agencies and industry watch dog groups have developed standards that a company must maintain to receive various certifications. This is true when one is involved in manufacturing of make up for human use. There are standards that must be met to be recognized as an organic producer using products readily found in nature.

There are some things that cannot be used even if nature produces it. Substances from deceased animals are not allowed. Things like collagen, fats, and oils cannot be processed into the make up.

Most people who value organic products also value animal safety in the testing of these items. A company cannot have used animals to put make up on their skin or in their eyes to see what happens. This can torment a creature and is grounds for denying a designation that what the company makes is naturally produced.

One must be careful that they are purchasing true organic products. There are companies who will say that their offerings are all natural, but they can still be chemical based products. One may want to look to see if they have been certified as organic products before purchasing to make sure they will get what they want.

When one goes out to buy natural cosmetics they want to make sure these are what the products are purported to be. One way is to see if they have been certified through some type of certifying agency in the industry. Another way is to see if they are considered organic by a governmental agency in charge of applying this recognition to products.

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Vintage Ad #1,464: Rachel Perry’s Natural Skin Care Phenomenon
natural cosmetics
Image by jbcurio
Source: Alive #49, 1983