Natural Products Are Safer

Purchasing wholesale cosmetics give you the opportunity to get a lot of cosmetics at a much cheaper price. Wholesale cosmetics give you the best deals. If you buy organic, natural wholesale cosmetics you can get an even better deal because you are purchasing a product that is above the average cosmetic.

Why, you ask? Because natural cosmetic sales are growing. People are in-love with what natural skin care products and cosmetics have to offer.

One of the main selling points with natural cosmetics is they are free from chemicals. They have only natural ingredients, such as essential oil. Using pure, organic materials is a lot safer on your body than using cosmetics with chemicals in them.

Last year a shocking study was done by the group Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. This advocacy group found that the vast majority of 48 major-brands of baby-care products contain at least one of two dangerous chemicals formaldehyde or 4-dioxane. Both of these harmful chemicals are thought to be a cause of cancer.

This study was very shocking because if those harmful chemicals are found in the supposedly gentle baby care products, what kind of chemicals are in the adult cosmetics? A huge controversy is continuing to go on about how safe average cosmetics are. Several deodorants, shampoos and soaps have publicly been criticized for containing dangerous chemicals in them.

Companies that have used these types of dangerous chemicals have a few options. Good companies now carry warnings on their products or pull the products off the product line. Other companies are not as ethical, and leave their products on the shelves, regardless of the safety issues.

Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, are less risky. They are less irritating for the body and skin than general cosmetics. This is quickly made clear to people who have skin problems which clear up when they switch their current foundation to a natural makeup foundation.

Natural and organic makeup and skin care products have many advantages. They protect the body best from harm. Natural is the way to go if you don’t want to allow chemicals to hurt your body.

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Natural Cosmetics
natural cosmetics
Image by Sreelal TS
Make up kit for the kathakali artist. The make up is made from various mineral ores and pigments. They are ground on a stone and mixed with coconut oil before being applied on the face.

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