Dangerous Cosmetics And Teenage Girls Don’t Mix.

Many people are not aware that many big name brands of cosmetics contain ingredients that are extremely suspect. Now a new study has warned about dangerous cosmetics and the effects that these products can have on teenage girls.

Unfortunately the cosmetics that so many of us use are loaded with ingredients that we really ought not be putting on our faces. For example a recent study of big brand name lipsticks showed that over 50% of the lipsticks tested contained lead.

Lead? Is it possible that we the public are unknowingly using cosmetics like lipstick that contain lead? Yes it is. It’s a sad fact that the FDA doesn’t regulate cosmetics, or for that matter skin care or anti aging products like it regulates drugs.

And yet for those of us using cosmetics we are putting them into our systems just as if they were drugs. When you apply a cosmetic product like a lipstick or a blush our a rouge some of that products ends up inside of us.

And it goes in because our skin is porous and what goes on mostly goes in and ends up in our bodes. That’s fine it the ingredients are harmless but lead? That’s not harmless.

And there’s a new study now which suggests that there are good reason why our teenage girls should be using safe cosmetics rather than the big brand dangerous cosmetics that so many use now. Here’s a quote from the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

“Laboratory tests reveal adolescent girls across America are contaminated with chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and body care products.”

That’s scary. It gets worse and makes worrying reading for any parent of a teen who uses cosmetics regularly, and who doesn’t? Most in fact use more than the average woman.

And now there’s a study by the Environmental Working Group which found suspect chemicals (phthalates, parabens, triclosan and musks) in the urine of young girls from– to 20 who took part in the study.

Some of these were found in the body of every single girls tested in the study.

And teenage girls are growing very fast, so the last thing they need is to be adding nasty chemicals to their bodies.

Most of these chemicals are hormone altering and so our teenage girls are taking a big risk at a time when they shouldn’t by using these toxic chemicals in their cosmetics.

No one knows what the implications are but it’s an area of reproductive health that we shouldn’t be playing with.

If there are risks to our kids using dangerous cosmetics or skin care products or others then they shouldn’t be using them.

It’s a matter of serious concern for anyone. But there are solutions. There are very good companies that have dedicated themselves to making natural cosmetics and natural skin care products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals. They work extremely well and don’t expose our daughters to the risks inherent in mainstream cosmetics.

But these aren’t the big brand name companies, they’re small niche companies that can’t possibly compete with the big brands on marketing, and don’t try, so you never see them advertising on TV. And you won’t find any of their products on the shelf of your local store.

But if you search you can find small companies making excellent and safe cosmetics and also safe natural skin care products that are extremely good, and better quality than the big brands.

So don’t play Russian Roulette with your daughters health. Find some top shelf natural cosmetics and natural skin care products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals.

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mac graphito paint as a base for the eyeshadow(thin layer)
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