Don’t Mix Unsafe Cosmetics And Teenage Girls

Most people don’t know that there are many big brand cosmetics that contain nasty or downright dangerous ingredients. There is now a study showing the effect of dangerous cosmetics on teenage girls, that might prompt you to look for safe cosmetics next time you shop.

A recent study found lead in lipsticks. Over 50% of lipsticks tested had lead in them and there are other nasty and unsafe ingredients in our cosmetics.

Surely there can’t be lead in our lipsticks? Isn’t lead really dangerous? Yes it is, but sadly the FDA doesn’t require cosmetics companies to show that their products are safe to use. It’s the same with anti aging and skin care products.

And yet for those of us using cosmetics we are putting them into our systems just as if they were drugs. When you apply a cosmetic product like a lipstick or a blush our a rouge some of that products ends up inside of us.

That’s because our skin is porous and what we put onto it soaks in and ends up in our bodies rather than just on our skin. Moisturizers, for example, are rubbed in a disappear. Where do they go but into our system? Ok if they are harmless, but what if they’re not?

And now a new study has begun to ask whether our teenage daughters should be using some cosmetics. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tells us the results of the study.

“Laboratory tests reveal adolescent girls across America are contaminated with chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and body care products.”

That’s scary. It gets worse and makes worrying reading for any parent of a teen who uses cosmetics regularly, and who doesn’t? Most in fact use more than the average woman.

A study by the Environmental Working Group has found chemicals from 4 different families of chemicals (phthalates, parabens, triclosan and musks) in the urine of young girls (between– and 20) who were tested in the study.

Some of these were found in the body of every single girls tested in the study.

Now of course a teenage girl is growing fast and dealing with hormonal changes and they don’t need to be adding toxic chemicals to their bodies.

These chemicals are considered to be capable of altering hormones, and so I wonder how many teenage girls using cosmetics and skin care products and possibly acne products know that they are taking a risk with their hormones at this time.

No one really knows, we’re entering an unknown area and the implications for the future health and in particular hormonal and reproductive health is completely unknown.

There seem to be risks to our girls but no one really knows the possible consequences.

It’s a matter of serious concern for anyone. But there are solutions. There are very good companies that have dedicated themselves to making natural cosmetics and natural skin care products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals. They work extremely well and don’t expose our daughters to the risks inherent in mainstream cosmetics.

Unfortunately these companies are small niche companies unable to compete with the big brand names, and they don’t even try to compete. You’ll never find them advertising on TV for example. And you’re unlikely to find their products in the department stores either.

However if you take the time to find them their natural cosmetics and natural skin care products are excellent, and price competitive.

So don’t take risks with your daughters health. Use top shelf safe cosmetics and highly effective skin care products and make sure you or your daughter aren’t using products with dangerous ingredients in them.

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Fie;. 90JThe Rum Koat. Fig. 91.Insane Invalid Fg- 9.vDie Hypochondriac. 3. The Human Form when developed naturally, without com-pressions of tight garments, without paints and cosmetics orstimuli, with abundance of pure air, sunlight, natural, simple food,exercise, and a genial noble soul within to illuminate the whole,grows naturally into every style of beautiful outline, color, motionand expression. Pale hollow cheeks with spiritless expressionand walk, and fitful nervous action, result from a wrong life in 38 HARMONIC LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. ones self, or in ones ancestors, or in some adverse conditions oflife, all of which are at war with natures harmonious unfolding.4. But decay itself is only a process of a higher development, adecomposing and recomposing into superior conditions. Bymeans of change and death the earth has progressed up throughthe geological epochs to the present refinement of things, develop-ing first mollusks, then fishes, then birds and reptiles, then mam-malia,

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