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Don’t Mix Unsafe Cosmetics And Teenage Girls

Most people don’t know that there are many big brand cosmetics that contain nasty or downright dangerous ingredients. There is now a study showing the effect of dangerous cosmetics on teenage girls, that might prompt you to look for safe cosmetics next time you shop.

A recent study found lead in lipsticks. Over 50% of lipsticks tested had lead in them and there are other nasty and unsafe ingredients in our cosmetics.

Surely there can’t be lead in our lipsticks? Isn’t lead really dangerous? Yes it is, but sadly the FDA doesn’t require cosmetics companies to show that their products are safe to use. It’s the same with anti aging and skin care products.

And yet for those of us using cosmetics we are putting them into our systems just as if they were drugs. When you apply a cosmetic product like a lipstick or a blush our a rouge some of that products ends up inside of us.

That’s because our skin is porous and what we put onto it soaks in and ends up in our bodies rather than just on our skin. Moisturizers, for example, are rubbed in a disappear. Where do they go but into our system? Ok if they are harmless, but what if they’re not?

And now a new study has begun to ask whether our teenage daughters should be using some cosmetics. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tells us the results of the study.

“Laboratory tests reveal adolescent girls across America are contaminated with chemicals commonly used in cosmetics and body care products.”

That’s scary. It gets worse and makes worrying reading for any parent of a teen who uses cosmetics regularly, and who doesn’t? Most in fact use more than the average woman.

A study by the Environmental Working Group has found chemicals from 4 different families of chemicals (phthalates, parabens, triclosan and musks) in the urine of young girls (between– and 20) who were tested in the study.

Some of these were found in the body of every single girls tested in the study.

Now of course a teenage girl is growing fast and dealing with hormonal changes and they don’t need to be adding toxic chemicals to their bodies.

These chemicals are considered to be capable of altering hormones, and so I wonder how many teenage girls using cosmetics and skin care products and possibly acne products know that they are taking a risk with their hormones at this time.

No one really knows, we’re entering an unknown area and the implications for the future health and in particular hormonal and reproductive health is completely unknown.

There seem to be risks to our girls but no one really knows the possible consequences.

It’s a matter of serious concern for anyone. But there are solutions. There are very good companies that have dedicated themselves to making natural cosmetics and natural skin care products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals. They work extremely well and don’t expose our daughters to the risks inherent in mainstream cosmetics.

Unfortunately these companies are small niche companies unable to compete with the big brand names, and they don’t even try to compete. You’ll never find them advertising on TV for example. And you’re unlikely to find their products in the department stores either.

However if you take the time to find them their natural cosmetics and natural skin care products are excellent, and price competitive.

So don’t take risks with your daughters health. Use top shelf safe cosmetics and highly effective skin care products and make sure you or your daughter aren’t using products with dangerous ingredients in them.

Where do you find the best Safe Cosmetics? Visit Peter’s Website Natural Health-Natural Skin Care and learn more about Safe Skin Care Products

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Fie;. 90JThe Rum Koat. Fig. 91.Insane Invalid Fg- 9.vDie Hypochondriac. 3. The Human Form when developed naturally, without com-pressions of tight garments, without paints and cosmetics orstimuli, with abundance of pure air, sunlight, natural, simple food,exercise, and a genial noble soul within to illuminate the whole,grows naturally into every style of beautiful outline, color, motionand expression. Pale hollow cheeks with spiritless expressionand walk, and fitful nervous action, result from a wrong life in 38 HARMONIC LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. ones self, or in ones ancestors, or in some adverse conditions oflife, all of which are at war with natures harmonious unfolding.4. But decay itself is only a process of a higher development, adecomposing and recomposing into superior conditions. Bymeans of change and death the earth has progressed up throughthe geological epochs to the present refinement of things, develop-ing first mollusks, then fishes, then birds and reptiles, then mam-malia,

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Are Your Cosmetics Dangerous? Use Safe Cosmetics.

Would you assume that the cosmetics, or perhaps the cosmetics that your daughter uses, would be safe to use. It would seem reasonable to make that assumption. We should all be able to assume that the government would protect us from dangerous products like dangerous cosmetics. Sadly it doesn’t, and you need to source safe cosmetics so you’re not taking a risk with your health. Are you using safe cosmetics?

Sadly no. Neither the government or the major cosmetics companies take steps to ensure that our cosmetics are safe, and as a result there is a whole range of dangerous cosmetics and skin care products on the market which contain dangerous ingredients including lead, 1,4-dioxane and paraben.

Doesn’t the FDA do something about this? Sadly again, no. The FDA does not test or examine cosmetic products to establish that they are safe for human use and don’t contain harmful ingredients, and even admit to this on the FDA website. The government does not act in our best interests by ensuring that the cosmetics that millions of American women use every single day are safe to use, and as a result we have dangerous cosmetics on the shelves of our major department stores.

This situation has even spawned whole organizations committed to pressuring government and industry to use only proven safe ingredients in their products. The primary organization is called the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

But the government isn’t listening to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, and the cosmetics companies aren’t either. And so there is nothing being done to raise the safety of those blushes, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, bronzers and more that US women use daily, not realizing that they may be damaging their health.

Here’s just 2 examples but there’s lots.

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics did some tests of major big brand name lipsticks back in 2007. The results were amazing. Over 50% of the big brand name lipsticks including brands you may well use now contained lead. Over 50%! And that includes some of the biggest names in lipsticks.

Back in 2002 laboratory tests found Phthalates in the majority of 72 different common big brand beauty, personal care and body products, including cosmetics, that most American women take for granted. This includes products from Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Revlon. Phthalates are industrial chemicals linked to birth defects and abnormalities in male reproductive organs.

And this includes such common and everyday products like shampoos and toothpastes.

Despite the fact that Phthalates weren’t listed on the labels they were found in 52 of 72 products tested.

Scary isn’t it?

So should you just swear off cosmetics? No not at all. There are excellent and safe cosmetics available but they aren’t made by the big brand names and aren’t found on the shelves of your local store. They are made by companies that are prepared to evidence their commitment to making safe cosmetics. They have signed a pledge on the website of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics evidencing their commitment to making cosmetics using only ingredients known to be safe.

But it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of these small niche cosmetics companies, because they don’t advertise on TV. But their products are top quality, and safe.

Find out more about safe cosmetics at my website.

Want to know where to find the best Natural Cosmetics? Head over to Peter’s webite Natural Health-Natural Skin Care and find out more about All Natural Skin Care Products as well.

Self Portrait Makeup M.A.C. cosmetics (yes, my eyes are really green) natural light
natural cosmetics
Image by pumpkincat210
Eyes: overcast s/s, a bluer blue e/s, with a twist e/s, nightbird e/s, phloof! e/s, Ben Nye amethyst, Ben Nye Cherry Red
cheeks: msf shooting star
lips: Sandy B l/s, mouthwatering l/g

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My cosmetic line:
This video tutorial is a reply to some requests I’ve received from some of you on how to preserve properly homemade cosmetics and home remedies. In this tutorial I share with you for which products you need to use an antioxidant and in which products you have to use a preservative, what you should know when choosing a preservative, which criteria you should follow when choosing one and what it’s important to consider when using specific preservatives and other useful information πŸ˜‰

When deciding which preservative is the most appropriate for your product, there is 1 question you should ask yourself: is there water in my formula? If there is not, then an antioxidant will be enough to preserve your product from going rancid. Usually lip balms, whipped butters, stick balms are made up only of vegetable oils, butters and eventually waxes. No water involved :D.

The most used antioxidants are vitamin E and rosemary extract (which will impart its own aroma into your products and will make them smell of rosemary). Adding them to your products will slow down the oxidation process, but don’t forget they are as useful for your skin too. πŸ˜‰ Remember that antioxidants can’t kill bacteria and molds, should you consider adding them (erroneously) as a preservative in water based cosmetic.

Preservatives do extend the shelf life of homemade products and keep them free of bacteria, but remember that preservatives themselves are often unhealthy. Many may cause or promote skin problems, therefore it’s very important to choose them being fully aware of what they are made up of, if they are parabens free and if you care, if they are ecological or not.

Natural preservatives, among which essential oils (such as tea tree, thyme, neem) are considered too, don’t cover a broad spectrum of bacteria and the amounts needed to make them act as a preservative are usually too high and not safe to use in skin care products. If you decide to anyway use them, consider a short shelf life for your products.

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Tips For Finding Out Whether Natural Cosmetics Are Actually Natural Or Not

More and more consumers today have begun to shun cosmetics that are laden with chemicals and are opting instead for natural cosmetics. There is a reason for this shift in choice and that is that people are more concerned about their health as compared to anytime in the past. The only real trouble is that the standards of labeling are still not up to par and in fact there is no real definition of the term natural as far as the cosmetics business goes and so it is not easy to be certain as to what are natural cosmetics and what are not.

FD&C Classifications

The Federal, Food and Cosmetic Act or FD&C of 1938 does classify US products as being cosmetic only if such products help to improve or even change a person s appearance without making any difference to their physical structures or even body systems; all other products are classified as being either drugs or cosmetics.

The sad part is that the FD&C does not monitor the ingredients that make up cosmetics and so the very term natural cosmetics can be interpreted in different ways and lack of regulation or definition exposes the consumer to all kinds of products that claim to be natural cosmetics but which in fact could not be all that natural.

This should make an ordinary consumer wonder just how natural are these so-called natural cosmetics? Most natural cosmetics are at present being made from very basic materials which include ground minerals and also pigments derived from the crust of the Earth. The sad part is that many chemicals too are being added including those such as sodium lauryl sulfate and propylene glycol and more. Worse still, there are also many artificial fragrances that are being added that can make what we think are natural cosmetics anything but natural.

To qualify as natural cosmetics it is necessary that cosmetics not have any of the above mentioned ingredients and should instead contain natural minerals and botanical extracts and some essential oils as well as nature based preservatives. Last but not least, the order in which the ingredients are used in natural cosmetics must be taken into account in order to find out the concentration levels of different products.

The general opinion among discerning users of cosmetics is that natural mineral cosmetics are the best kind of cosmetics for a person s skin. The sad part is that many females do not understand the uses of such cosmetics and so they continue using cosmetics with artificial ingredients in them and the main reason for this is the price factor.

The top information on the cosmetic surgery can be found on the cosmetics online.

MUFE Pink & Black Tied Smoky Eye Closeup
natural cosmetics
Image by kuuipo1207
Makeup Forever High Definition Primer
MAC Select Cover-up Colour Corrector – Peach
MAC Select Cover-up Colour Corrector – Green
MAC Mineralize Natural Skinfinish – Medium Plus
MAC Sculpting Powder – Sculpt
MAC Mineralize Blush – Nuance

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Makeup Forever Diamond Shadow – #303 (inner corner)
Makeup Forever Blush Powder (eyeshadow) – #2 (middle and outer corner)
Makeup Forever Star Powder – #951 (over MUFE #2)
MAC eyeshadow – Black Tied (outer corner)
MAC eyeshadow – Petalescent (highlight)
MAC eye kohl – Smolder (lashlines & waterlines)
Maybelline Colossal mascara – Glam Black
MAC Eyeshadow – Espresso (brows)

MAC Lipliner – Spice
MAC Plushglass – Fullfilled

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How should one apply natural makeup?

Natural makeup is difficult to spot

Usually natural makeup is difficult to spot. They mix pretty well with your skin and hence people do not notice that you are using makeup. These are very thin compared to the heavy synthetic creams and they are equally effective when it comes to enhancing your beauty. During the day time you should use minimum amount of makeup to make your facial looks more visible. During the night you can apply a slightly greater amount of makeup because the light intensity is less compared to day time. You can either use a synthetic makeup or the best natural makeup. There are many added advantages of using the natural makeup compared to the synthetic makeup. But one should be familiar with the right way to apply the natural makeup and in the right amount, or else you might face so minor problems. It is actually a general method for applying any form of cosmetic.

How to apply natural makeup

β€’ Before you apply the natural makeup on your skin, clean it properly to remove all the dust and traces of pollution left on it. Always clean your face with a face wash so that it is toned and well moisturized. To retain the moisture use a moisturizer and leave it for about ten minutes. Remember that if your do not clean your face properly than applying cosmetics might block your skin pores and it might lead to acne.

β€’ The choice of colour of your cosmetic will depend on the dress that you will be wearing. You are applying cosmetics to enhance your beauty so you should do it the right way. Choose a colour that matches with your dress and what suites you the most.

β€’ If you have dark circles than you need to hide them using some dark circle concealed and make sure that it matches your complexion.

β€’ The makeup foundation will depend on the type of your skin. If you have an oily skin then you should use cosmetics organic that have a water base. For a dry skin, you will have to use a creamy foundation. The mineral foundation is suitable for all kinds of skin and is very helpful to remove the undertones. These makeup foundations are necessary to create a barrier between your skin and the environment in order to protect it from its harmful effects.

β€’ Now that the foundation has been laid, you can start with the eye makeup. Use whatever colour suites you and your shadow colours should blend in with your complexion. Your lipstick colour should be identical with your natural undertone. Finally use a little amount of powder to set your makeup.

Organic makeup cosmetics easily blend with your skin complexion. There are various colours of eye liners, lipsticks, blush, etc present in the market. They are easy to use and safer to use compared to non organic cosmetics. It takes lesser time to apply natural cosmetics and since people won’t be able to know that you have applied cosmetics, you will leave a deeper impression on their minds.

Look here for Organic makeup cosmetics it is easily blend with your skin complexion. For more details at

Super Bown XLIV – New Orleans Saints Colors Closeup
natural cosmetics
Image by kuuipo1207
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium Plus
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium (highlighting)
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural – Medium Deep (contouring)
MAC Mineralize Blush – Nuance

MUFE Flash Colors – 004 Gold
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BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – 24K Gold
Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencil – Black
MUFE Flash Colors – 010 White
MUFE Flash Colors – 011 Black

MAC Paint Pot – Painterly
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Black
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Big Island
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – 24K Gold
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Satin Sheets
BFTE Multi-Purpose Mineral – Cloud 9
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil – Handforged
Loreal Voluminous Mascara – Carbon Black
Ardell Brow Defining Palette – Medium

MAC Plushglass – Posh It Up

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Grab the offers and go natural

The constant awareness has made us all aware what harm chemicals, pollutants and fertilizers are having on all of us. Not only are these harmful chemicals disturbing the whole ecological process but at the same time disrupting the human body system balance. Narrowing done our focus on cosmetics which are sold on the high street stores it is must say that the promising words from their end are vain words. The lofty promises that they make when selling their high priced products are void promises.

Instead of blindly purchasing the products try to look being the bottle of your cosmetic or other skincare product to check out the various chemical used. From the chemical deduce what harm these chemical might cause to your sensitive skin. Skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body. Sufficient care must be taken of it so as to help it remain healthy. In order to catch the best natural products check out the natural products online for its widest variety. Just like natural products there are Natural Cosmetics too. Most of the organic product online stores have the widest collection of Organic Cosmetics.

As the name suggests these cosmetics are natural derived from the natural ingredients. They are made in from the certified natural formulas. Being made form organic products taken directly from nature these Natural Make Up make you look beautiful and the same time promote your skin health. These products are gluten free along with being vegan products. These products are formulated with the aim of being against animal cruelty. The various Makeup ranges which are available all have incorporated in them natural tried out formulas. The beauty experts make sure that before the products are used by clients and customers they are passed under various stringent tests in order to provide the customers with the best products with the unexceptional results.

The gamut of Natural Makeup which is available leave most customers surprised as they have never imagines cosmetics and makeup to be make from 100% natural and vegetarian products. From the various organic lipstick with ample shades, to lip liners and glosses these Organic Cosmetic Online Company provides various other products like foundations, pressed powder, Mascara and loads of other cosmetics.

Along with the quality and collection of Natural Organic Makeup products the prices which are charged are unexceptional. There are special offers and promotional offers which are provided on purchasing these organic products. To grad these fascinating offers shop online for natural makeup and stay healthy.

The gamut of Natural Makeup which is available at leave most customers surprised as they have never imagines cosmetics and makeup. Get more information Click here.

Summertime Smoky Eye Closeup
natural cosmetics
Image by kuuipo1207
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Concealer Palette (color next to green,

for under eye concealer)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – Medium Dark
Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Glow Bronzer – Deep
Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Mineral Blush – Peachy
MAC Mineralize Blush – Nuance
MAC Sculpting Powder – Sculpy

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
*Fromt the Kat Von D Ludwig Palette
– Clay (beige with gold glitter)
– Tequila (metallic cornsilk shimmer)
– Downtown (metallic light copper shimmer)
– Baroque (golden bronze shimmer)
– Leather (deep chocolate brown sheen)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Maybelline Stiletto Mascara – Very Black
MAC Espresso & Swiss Chocolate (for brows)
Benefit She Laq (sealer for liner & brows)

MAC Spice lipliner
MAC Brew lipstick
MAC Nice Buzz Plushglass

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