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Go Natural With All Natural Cosmetics

Unless you are living within a rock, you should know by now that the current trend in the cosmetic world is the use of all natural cosmetics. The mere sound of it will already leave you drooling for one, but what is it all about? The skin is known to wrap the body and it is made up of a living tissue system that contains an exceptional ability to suck up anything applied unto it. Truth is, 60 percent of the product that we put on the skin are absorbed and then transported into the circulatory system. On most cases, an average woman can take in almost 30 pounds of ingredients found on moisturizers that she used for sixty years.

If you are a keen observer, you will see the word ‘natural’ on almost all products on the market today and that includes makeups. However, on the truest sense of the word, there are only a very few of the companies that truly provide their products in natural form. Just about all of the natural cosmetics companies share the same standard in terms of purity. They provide their product in a biodegradable sense, meaning, they do not possess any synthetic chemicals and that they were never tested on animals. These are the best for people who would normally suffer from allergy and those with MCS or multiple chemical sensitivities. As a result, you will not have to take the toll of going out with a mask just because your dermatologist advised you that no makeup should be use on your extremely delicate face.

Why should one bother to choose all natural cosmetics if they are not even allergic with the usual kind? One good reason why you should start paying attention on the things you put on your face is that there is a very minimal FDA regulation for cosmetics nowadays thus a lot of known carcinogenic and toxic ingredients would now comprise products that are applied on your skin.

Why some manufactures would still put chemicals on their cosmetics? Basically, they would think that it is a whole lot scarier to have bacteria living on your palette than actually being concern on the chemicals you are allowing into your bloodstream. This is due to the fact that these chemicals and preservatives are somewhat a necessity in order to preserve the quality of their cosmetics and prevent bacteria from growing. So these manufacturers would always pop up with a question: “Aren’t you afraid of bacteria?” just to cover their wrong doings.

But the problem is, a lot of women had been eating lipstick almost all of their life and a lot of them would have already absorbed synthetic materials and other chemicals found on their mascara without having to worry of its dreadful side effects. But time is changing and the information that is available these days are wiser than what we have before. Conversely, cosmetic education would merely rest on the standard media and teaching, thus a lot of cosmetic makers are finding it hard to teach people about the importance of all natural cosmetics.

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